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Method followed

  1. Cast the Architecture deliverables against the Time Dimension Factors table by making clear distinction between what was, what is  and what will be.
  2. When creating the Architecture artifacts associate it with T0 (As-is Architecture), TX(To-be Architecture) and transition architecture in between.
  3. Following this convention, you may create one or more transition architectures e.g. T1, T2,T3 and will by implication create T-1, T-2 as time rolls by.
  4. This convention just help to distinguish between current and future architectures and allow clean design etiquette.
  5. Also a good practice to name all blueprints, architecture artefacts and diagrams accordingly.
  6. Attempt to provide an answer to the question   ....so, therefore your are building a _____ architecture.  The blank should only be one or a combination of the T's


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