Sum of the Parts

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Sum of the Parts

Once the boundaries of the Enterprise have been determined and the appropriate Domains have been identified the arrangement and decomposition of these become the next major steps.  Most Architectures will be framed by one or more Frameworks.

Identity Information

Each component of the Enterprise should be properly labeled.  The labels is not only a identity reference but also a classification system whereby:

  1. initially bench-checking can be performed to assure the validity,
  2. relationships can be arranged
  3. order can be created
  4. act as a referral and index into other documentation

Identities issued must preferably stood the test of time(Id for life) or in exceptions be re-issued with major architecture releases.

The following naming convention is suggested:

X00.1.n whereby:





Unique identifier which optionally groups the Domain.  

A for Application Domain’ T for Technology Domain


Unique number to denote the Domain

01 for Work management, 02 for ERPn


Step number to reflect on the subdomains

.1 First Sub Domain

.2 Second Sub Domain

Herewith a sample table illustrating the naming convention

It should be noted that a convention is just that a convention and therefore can be customised to meet you specific site requirements.  The point really is consistency and therefore once a naming convention has been decided, it should then become a rule.


So often you hear the words; “Lets model” or “Let us create a model of the Enterprise”  Without wanting to delve into the merits of modeling, it is suffice to say that some level of modeling is required to check for consistency and completeness.

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