Solution Architecture Report

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Solution Architecture Report


This document describes a particular Solution Architecture

Date Last Reviewed:

20 Apr 2006


The Solution Architecture Report is created during the lifespan of a project.  The document is made up of a series of individual documents created in building the particular Solution Architecture.  It is fair to say that on a project additional work items will be created and should be included as Appendices or  URL's pointing to a filed copies of these artefacts.  

Typical Format & Table of Contents

       1. Introduction - Context & Overview

       2. Business Context Diagram.  Typically it can also be a Level 0 Landscape Diagram

       3. Use Case Models

       4. Design Point Decisions aka. Architectural Descisions

       5. Additional Considerations

Functional Requirements

Non-Functional Requirements


Samples & Template/s

Top 5 Suggested Activities

       1. Follow steps for creating a Solution Architecture

       2. Work within the scope of the Project

       3. Focus on Delivery aspects rather than alignment & capacity building

       4. Use Domain Reference Architecture for context

       5. Iteratively refine using a design authority concept

Special Instructions




Meta Information


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