Scope Orientation

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Method followed

By using normal consulting skills the Architect now focuses on the scope of the work and attempts to gleen adequate information to the following questions.

    1. Strategic/Tactical/Operational?

Attempt to form an opinion on whether the piece of work is strategic, tactical or operational of nature.  When uncertain qualify with acceptable phrases like for example i)        Anything > $xM is Strategic or ii) All initiatives spanning Business Boundaries are Strategic.  Idea is to form some opinion on the relative importance.

    1. Current visible delivery Structure?

Is the piece of work currently embedded in some formal structures (project/programme etc.) or not.  Try identifying any structures.

    1. Width & Depth?

Form an opinion on the width and the depth of the initiative.  Width can be an opinion on a mapping back to a framework.  Guidance can also be taken for whom it needs to be done.  If all else fail express it in time.

    1. Spend available?

How much money is available.  Approximations will do.  Be very wary if the amount is not known.  This means that the endeavor i) either has not yet reach official support and some case for it still has to be built or  ii) empty pocket dreams or iii) the architect needs to crystalise enough of the solution so that money approximations can be done.

    1. More of the Same or New?

Form an opinion on maturity.  Have it been done before(more of the same) or is this a completely new initiative.  Generally, more of the same would half complexity, cost and effort compared to new.  The Architect should also consider his/her relative experience to the endeavor.

Control Information





> 60% of information is known.  

Example: Of the 5 key questions, let us say the only information ascertained is 1) Who is this for and 2) What is required.  Therefore CSF is (2 ÷ 5) *100 = 50%.  Ideally do not proceed if CSF does not exceed 60%


Note or document with recorded evidence.  Ideally this information is entered into a Architecture Administration system

Spend some time, even if it is only 10-15 mins of validating  and reflecting on this information.

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