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Statement of Direction 2012 onwards:

    1. Introduction of more toolset's, to allow faster creation of architecture.
    2. Simplification of all content


2011 August Enhancements

    1. *Reposition Content

2009j October 2009 Enhancements

    1. *Improve HTML User Interface
    1. Remove Section 8
    2. Add Solution Architecture Capabilities Map.  Map shows what a Solution Architecture Practice should contain

2009d June 2009 Enhancements

    1. *Refine Utilities and Tools in Support - Section 10 First pass
    2. (Both sections will be replaced with dynamic toolsets/lookups sometime in the future)

2009c March 2009 Enhancement

    1. +Togaf 9 mappings for Deliverables - first pass
    2. + SOW Deliverable
    3. * General Improvements
    1. + Add Architecture Metrics
    2. Flip BOZO bit so that MM Templates live of

v3.0.0  February 2009 - Field Release aka eaMindShare 2011

    1. + Make free Community Edition available to anyone
      1. Create Login/Sign-on facility
      2. Re-brand version as eaMindShare 2011. Minor versions will get step identifier, e.g. 2009.a
      3. Re-position content - remove stuff from Community Edition
      4. Introduce Google Analytics

v2.1.0  August 2008 - Field Release

v2.0.1  July 2008 - Internal Release

v2.0.0  October-November 2007 - Field Release

v1.8.0  August-September 2007 - Internal Release

v1.7.3  August 2007 - Internal Release

v1.7.2  Beginning August 2007 - Field Release

v1.7.1  June 2007 -Release

    1. * Improving the Look & Feel
      1. * Simplify Naming Convention for items and label each deliverable accordingly
      2. * Improved navigation on Sections (NEXT & Previous)
    2. + Refine RFP Deliverables with Mindmaps - Ability to rapidly Execute a deliverable
      1. * Strategy or Game Plan Tally: 1 down, 40 to go
    3. * Refine SETUP for seamless installation
    4. * Start with Deliverable Structure

May 2007 Note

Take off for some time, decide if the amount of work over and above my daily consulting, validates the payback.

       Decision:  Decided to carry on but:

v1.7.0  October 2006 - Release

    1. + Create eaMindShare CE Portal.... HOME for eaMindShare CE Products
    2. * Refine Deliverables Structure
    3. * Form a view on Completeness of offering .... e.g. %  (number of deliverables / completed)
      1. Processes 18/16 = 88%
      2. Deliverables Description 41/9 = 5%

v1.6.0  July 2006 - Major Release

    1. + Link Approach to Processes - level of mapping... not completely satisfied will re-think in the workbench
    2. + Establish a meta model for validating the content
    3. + Create Overview & Introduction Presentation
    4. + Create Generic MindMap to eaMindShare CE Approach
    5. * Considerations - Customer Deployment Model and how can it best be customise by clients
    6. * Consideration MS Infopath and its appropriateness

v1.5.3  June 2006 - Upgrade

    1. + New Identity Change from R>m to eaMindShare CE
    2. + Establish New Internet Presence using eaMindShare CE name
      1. Internet Domain - currently parked on
      2. Subdomain - Only for registered Users
    3. * Start completing the diagrams section
    4. * More on Solution Architecture end to end
    5. + Add Business Case Document as one of the deliverables

v1.5.2  April 2006 - Upgrade

    1. + List of deliverables for all processes (18xProcesses)
    2. + Proper more detailed description for each deliverable.  Only focus on some of the (40xDeliverables)
    3. * Refine Customisation allowed (Best way to allow customisation, Master Console)
    4. * Cosmetic enhancements to Text/Graphics (make more visually appealing
    5. + Architecture Diagrams & Models Add new section for Diagrams & models
    6. * Master Console Database on Web - Split into Local & Remote Console Interface

v1.5.1 February 2006 (Released to a selected audience)

    1. Enhancements to Master Console  
    2. Processes
      1. Process View with deliverables for each process
      2. Start describing deliverables
      3. Each Process is mapped to COBIT (COBIT awareness)

v1.5 November 2005

v1.4 August 2005 (made available to selective clients)

v1.3 June 2005


Parking area for 2009 (Wishlist  - Number shows relative priority)

    1. Shortlist Features - release list
      1. WorkBench
      2. Completion of Delivery structures
      3. Distro for Personal and Workgroup Editions
      4. Build TOGAF Process mapping onto delivery structure
      5. Improved ways of allowing eaMindShare to be site customised without loosing the rigor even White labeled - Consider making available in Wiki format

2     Longlist        

      1. Create a simplified Visual Map..... sometimes too much info.  Also consider an interactive one.
      2. HOWTO do Diagramming & Modeling with more detailed steps
      3. Request - Include TCO Framework for a Domain
      4. * Web authentication & profile model
      5. Web Service to validate the current release (Ensuring that the on the  latest release is used)
      6. Best way to bring samples and Checklist into the methodology
      7. New improved Visual Map  see Note #2
      8. How best to interoperate with other Methodologies
      9. Consider bringing clarity to the roles within the methodology
      10. More rigorous validation method
      11. Improved Instrumentation for other supporting Frameworks
      12. Introduce more Metrics and Meta Data (Should this be in the Knowledgebase?)
      13. Should some elements be made available as Web services/Webparts for easier client integration
      14. Sox 404 awareness out of the box
      15. Investigate introducing King II/Basel support


#1  Lets say for example .... I want to bring Blackberry to market! What should I include, or what Architecture activities should I do

Base on a simple checklist that is superimposed on the Methodology check the items that needs doing.  e.g. Under the marketing heading include Lunch & Launch, under technology Database etc.   The bottom right should show an effort/cost estimate.  The checklist can then be entered as forensic evidence into the Architecture Log and the estimate is ideal for management.  Ideally marry this to the Points method of calculating architecture function points.  Maybe checklist is arranged in the form of the flattened Visual Map.

Remember that this is intended as a Reference Guide and not a User Guide

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