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Looking for more information RFI(Request for Information)


A RFI request information from Vendor/suppliers

Date Last Reviewed:

26 June 2006

Typical Format & Table of Contents

       1. Context

1.1 Background

1.2 Purpose

1.3 Scope

1.4 Focus

1.5 Timeframe

1.6 RFI Objectives

       2. Basic Requirements

       3. Areas where we would like to hear the views of Vendors

       4. Format & Conditions

Codes of Conduct


General Process & expectations

       5. Additional Considerations

Ullistration of Requirement

Busines/IT Profile

Other information relevant to the RFI


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Samples & Template/s

Top 5 Suggested Activities

       1. Orientate with current situation

       2. Workshop Desired Direction

       3. Discuss transition implications

       4. Capture findings/discussions in Game/Plan or Strategy Document

       5. Iteratively refine using a validation/buy-in cycle

Special Instructions




Meta Information


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