Principles of Operations

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  1. eaMindShare Advocates the use of Views
    1. Views have Altitude Orientation
    2. Views should be constructed at different altitudes illustrating degrees of depth and details
    3. Views have a time Dimension Orientation
    4. Views should be constructed along timelines depicting Current (Current-State), Desired (End-State) and one or more interim views (Transformation states)
    5. Views have a Ownership Orientation
    6. Views should be constructed with a specific owner/audience in mind
  2. eaMindShare advocates the use of Versions
    1. Delivery should be constructed in versions following an iterative refinement process
  3. eaMindShare follows a Demand & Response Approach
    1. In the real world perfect processes don’t exist which follows a set pattern therefore eaMindShare assumes you may not be involved at inception nor have the luxury of ideal/sequence business Orchestration
  4. eaMindShare like to make speed a friend
    1. Make speed a friend
    2. Results always surpass method

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