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What is eaMindShare?

eaMindShare is a fast lightweight architecture enabling service that assist in creating and maintaining dynamic, agile and appropriate architectures.  Unlike most other Architecture methodologies eaMindShare focuses on 3 distinct Architecture types, namely 1) Enterprise Architectures, 2) Domain Architectures and 3) Solution Architectures.

From an  Approach view, it consist of a 6 step cyclic approach that can be completed in .5 day through to 3 months depending on size and complexity of the endeavor that must be architected. Illustrated is the 6 steps that can be executed in sequence or out of sequence.  They are:

    1. A. Engagement Considerations
    2. B. Calibration Considerations
    3. C. Discovery Considerations
    4. D. Envisioning & Shaping Considerations
    5. E. Validation & Assurance Considerations
    6. F. Realisation Considerations

The approach borrowed best of the best and as such considerations from amongst others

    1. Nolan Norton Framework
    2. Zachman Framework
    3. EUP & RUP
    4. TOGAF ADM
    5. 3D Visual
    6. Elements of the 4+1 Model were incorporated
    7. Elements of IEF

However, the biggest contribution to eaMindShare was assembled learning’s in doing X³ types of architectures.  These range from large to very large projects spanning one or more corporate that operates globally.

It is the author's opinion that HEAVY methodologies stifle value and therefore eaMindShare was designed to produce results within hours.  Frankly, that is the reason why eaMindShare came into being since nothing else on the market could produce consistent pragmatic architecture without the methodology overhead.  Most of the branded offerings came with significant training, methodology immersion with no apparent cognizance of the real business world that needs decisions and results in hours and days.  This is also the reason why eaMindShare like to be classified as an KnowledgeBase(BOK) rather than a  methodology.

The following diagram illustrates how the enabling service work.


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