Models & Meta data

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Models and Meta Data

1. Information about the Deliverable



Date Last Reviewed:

25 September 2007


Create a Model for a specific purpose.  Modeling broadly is the discipline of completely, accurately, repeatbly and rigorously describing something for the purpose of supporting any corporate initiative.

The discipline of applying a methodology or a set of rules to the task of describing complex systems "Gartner 2004 "

Deliverable Type:



Days - Weeks

2. How to construct the deliverable using the eaMindShare CE approach


High level Action

A. Engagement

Orientate with current situation

B. Calibration

Get the Purpose - Modelinh should always be purposed based

C. Discovery

Model & Meta Data

D. Envisioning

Model of the Activities

E. Validation

Iteratively Model

F. Realisation

Make Model available

3.  Template/s & Samples




Export Views

Map View

Template/s are disabled for eaMindShare Community Edition due to document sizes.  Rather use  eaMindShare Professional  Edition  and/or eaMindShare Workgroup Edition if you want to access the templates.

Ideally export and further refine in:

4. Additional Information

Many approaches amongst others: SCOR, ITIL, Workflows, Process Flows, IDEF 0/1/2/3, Rumler-Brache (Swim Lanes), RUP/UML, BPEL

Generally accepted that Modeling covers discrete disciplines each with its own notations and tools, amongst others: Business Modeling, Application Modeling, Process Modeling & Data Modeling

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