Migration Plan

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Migration Plan

1. Information about the Deliverable



Date Last Reviewed:

21 September 2007


Document  containing  the migration/transition plan.  Migration is the act or process of moving from one instance or state to another or a proposed or intended method of getting from one instance or state to another.This plan covers the actions around move-ing from an AS-IS state to a TO-BE state.  Should include some kind of Roadmap.  Can often be a very simple schematic or a detailed roadmap showing time points for the different transitions required.

Deliverable Type:



Days - Weeks

2. How to construct the deliverable using the eaMindShare CE approach


High level Action

A. Engagement

Orientate with current situation

B. Calibration

Special notice of

C. Discovery


D. Envisioning

TO-BE and the revisions of TO-BE, e.g. TO-BE tommorrow, end of year, 2 years from now etc.

E. Validation

Iteratively refine.  

F. Realisation

Publish Migration Plan

3.  Template/s & Samples




Export Views

Map View

Template/s are disabled for eaMindShare Community Edition due to document sizes.  Rather use  eaMindShare Professional  Edition  and/or eaMindShare Workgroup Edition if you want to access the templates.

Ideally export and further refine in:

4. Additional Information

Ideally this should not be a Project Plan that deals with detailed activities.  It should be at the macro level describing major endeavors required to move from current to desired.

"A document that defines the strategy for changing the enterprise from the current baseline to the target architecture. It schedules multiple, concurrent, and interdependent activities and incremental builds that will evolve the enterprise."

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