List of Standards

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List of Standards

1. Information about the Deliverable



Date Last Reviewed:

1 August 2007


Document and/or table highlighting the current standards.

Deliverable Type:

Excel table and/or Standards Document



2. How to construct the deliverable using the eaMindShare CE approach


High level Action

A. Engagement

Orientate with current situation; Who is this for...etc.  

B. Calibration

Ensure that you create the List of Standards with a specific Time dimension; Spend time on the scope

C. Discovery

Drive out list of standards using one or more workshops

D. Envisioning

Capture List of Standards

E. Validation

Iteratively refine using a validation/buy-in cycle

F. Realisation

Capture findings/discussions in List of Standards Document;  Iteratively refine using a validation/buy-in cycle. Ideally instigate a sign-off process

3.  Template/s & Samples




Export Views

Map View

Template/s are disabled for eaMindShare Community Edition due to document sizes.  Rather use eaMindShare Professional Edition and/or eaMindShare Workgroup Edition if you want to access the templates.

Ideally export and further refine in:

4. Additional Information

Sample illustration

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