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Why do you need eaMindShare ?

In most fields, especially technology, one can buy almost anything pre-fabricated or build to specification.  From incredible smart devices to intelligent software .  As if this is not good enough, the industry can fabricate at will any article that makes sense to build.  

Yet for commercial reasons the industry at large have been unable to manufacture and sell practical experience.  In best cases, for example IT experience is available using consulting practices, but normally at exorbitant rates and definitely not presented in true “DIY” style.  The industry have excelled in training program’s, yet somehow every new generation of trainees seems to lack more and more foundation experience.

In a small way this service attempts to address the above and therefore eaMindShare  is a digital fusion of academic knowledge, innovation, best practices and practical experience.  It is also an honest attempt to encapsulate practical experience in a usable way about a specific subject area called X³ Architectures.  This stands for i) Enterprise, ii) Domains & iii) Solution Architectures and perhaps more appropriately should have been called EDS Architectures was it not for the EDS brand name in the market.  The reason you need this Reference Guide is the simple pragmatic approach in dealing with X³.  What is covered in this material is put in practice every day.

The real reason for using the eaMindShare Approach

In a blasé way I always stayed away from methodology discussions.  Frankly, most of the time they are academic, far removed from the reality on the ground and mostly needs 3-6 months emersion.

Vividly, I see pictures of the medical team hovering over a patient in the middle of an operation with the chief surgeon reading through Book 66 Requirements for a successful Operation.  Somehow I sense the delicate balance between intuitively performing the best practice oppose to fixation with the methodology of the practice was the key.  Though the latter should be learned, it never should interfere or become the focus.  In the example the chief surgeon would follow procedure and intuitively react to complications without narrow mindedly follow a sequence of steps without considering the bigger picture.  In a nutshell for me that is what is missing from most of the commercial methodologies. It could be argued that the fault is in the implementation and not the method, yet, somehow I sense current methodologies almost prescribed that kind of following.  

I am dead against yet another methodology. However, due to my commitments in training new aspirant architects or re-sharpening old hands it was clear that a fresh pragmatic no-nonsense approach was called for.  Every so often I come across a site that has adopted one of the leading methodologies and yet somehow are still not delivering value.

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