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Agile Focused Approach

  • Approach was designed from ground-up to offer same-day value.  
  • Offered with Visual Wall Poster for easy interaction.  Instead of taking weeks to understand the methodology you can start by only using the visual map and then slowly ease yourself into the more complex.
  • Is engineered to operate at 3 different levels to reduce complexity.
  • Can be bolted onto TOGAF ADM if so desired. (Completely Optional) In this case, eaMindShare can be use as a overlay layer masking the inherent complexities of TOGAF.
  • Approach is pragmatic, lends from industry experience and is best practices based.
  • Activities are seeded with embedded governance, e.g. COBIT (SOX 404 under investigation)

Purpose Centric Navigation and Usage

  • Is offered with well considered pragmatic Architecture processes that offers click-thru selection all the way to the actual architecture artifact
  • Contains a list of Architecture deliverables with detailed descriptions (Currently in excess of 40)
  • Will offer the architect the ability to create output in a consistent repeatable way
  • Instead of forcing a single methodology, eaMindShare rather facilitates a single coherent approach that can accommodate best of breed approaches within - where appropriate.  For example Trade-off analysis.
  • Supplied with ready-made descriptions, working examples and supporting information.

The following facility not available in the Community Edition

Operational Reality View without becoming technology or vendor/product centric

  • Master Console is provided to help guide efforts into the operational world
  • Console can be customise to fit with the products of your choice
  • eaMindShare stays vendor & tool agnostic using this approach whilst still retaining consistent enterprise views


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