Enterprise Metrics

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Enterprise Metrics

1. Information about the Deliverable



Date Last Reviewed:

17 January 2008


Document and/or spreadsheet highlighting the metrics for organising and managing an Enterprise. Ideally it is represented/managed by a Dashboard of some sort.

Deliverable Type:

Excel table and/or Document



2. How to construct the deliverable using the eaMindShare CE approach


High level Action

A. Engagement

Orientate with current situation; Who is this for...etc.  

B. Calibration


C. Discovery

To define initially, drive out Metrics using one or more workshops then use these as subsequent Metrics to manage the Enterprise

D. Envisioning

Capture and embed in Management Dashboard - Dash board can be highly specialised as in sample or a list tracked in a spreadsheet.

E. Validation

Iteratively reflect and refine the metrics

F. Realisation

Use Management Dashboard

3.  Template/s & Samples




Export Views

Map View

Template/s are disabled for eaMindShare Community Edition due to document sizes.  Rather use  eaMindShare Professional  Edition  and/or eaMindShare Workgroup Edition if you want to access the templates.

Ideally export and further refine in:

4. Additional Information

Functionality: Suitability, Interoperability, Compliance, Security, Traceability
Usability: Operability, Customisability
Efficiency: Time Behaviour
Maintainability: Testability, Manageability, Reusability
Portability: Adaptability, Replaceability

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