Enterprise Architecture

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Enterprise Architecture

If Architecture is about the result of doing architecting the question that begs an answer is What is the Enterprise?  Though plagued by a history of associations which is difficult to get rid of, the real definition of the Enterprise is any boundary you care to fence-in.  

Enterprise in the context of eaMindShare is always associated it with a width and depth dimension that collectively makes up the Enterprise.  It cannot be emphasized enough, YOU THE ARCHITECT decide on the reach for width and depth.  Obviously the decision have implications and once chosen will limit the areas of operation.  

the width of the Enterprise

The width dimension of the Enterprise is always associated with organizational boundaries.  These typically aligns to organizational building blocks like 1) a Line of Business, 2) a Division within the Company, 3) the Company etc.  

the depth of the Enterprise

The depth of the Enterprise is associated with the quantity of domains.  Clearly then an Enterprise is made-up thru one or more domains.  The inclusion of the domains can be based on a vertical value stack or a collection of the major business subject areas.  In first defining the depth of the Enterprise it is more important to think about the major domains than the actual arrangement.

the Enterprise

In a situation where architects sometimes differ it is not surprising that essential views go astray.  The boundaries of the Enterprise is not about the inclusion of Business Architecture or not.  It is more about range and reach each which is set by YOU THE ARCHITECT.  Once set, it then defines the outer edges of Architecture span and influence.  These boundaries over time should be adjusted to keep in line with current thinking, maturity and sphere of influence.  It is suggested that any adjustments co-inside with major releases of the Enterprise Architecture.

Focus of Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture only concerns itself with 1) creating Capacity and 2) performing Alignment.  Having established the range and reach of what makes up the Enterprise the focus thereafter lies in

  1. Identifying and arranging the Domains it comprises
  2. Identifying Capabilities for Capacity purposes straddling domains
  3. Aligning those with current or envisage future business endeavors

Classic Enterprise Architecture activities such as Governance, Consulting, Blueprinting  and Monitoring should be driven in the context of the above.

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