E.Validation&Assurance Phase

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This phase is about validating the architecture effort prior to publishing it.

When should this Phase be Done

Everytime after an architecture envisioning & shaping phase.

What will signify the end of this Phase

A reasonable validation of shaping evidence.

What is involved in this Phase

Typical Inputs

Index of Discovered Information

Collateral, supporting and discovered documentation

Envisioning & Shaping documents

Typical Outputs

Best Practice (Best in Industry)

Good Practice (Best in Class)

Acceptable Practice (Minimum)

Validation Plan

Completed Checklist (Extensive Criteria)

Completed Checklist (Appropriate Criteria)

Completed Checklist (Minimum Criteria)

One or more assurance Artefacts, amongst others

i) Models & Prototypes

ii) Benchmarks

iii) Model-Offices

iv) Validation Models (What-if scenario's)

v) Design Assurances

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