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During this sub step the Architect tries to find information on Who is the target audience for the Architecture?  This may well differ from who is the sponsor or key requestor.

Pin it down to one or more discrete groups. e.g. 1) Technical Management, 2) Fellow Architects etc..  Be very specific, since this will determine amongst others style, storyline and specific content of delivery.  The target audience analysis will also to some extent define what should be done with architecture tools or normal business documents.  If possible, try and ascertain what they will be using it for.  This is very important.  Whiteboard a simple working table that tabulates the target audience, their deliverables and what they will be using it for. Ideally soundboard this, because if you know what the recipient will do with your output, your output guaranteed will be appropriate, concise and have inherent value.


Ideally Architecture should be approached i) TOP-Down, despite the fact that in many cases the only option available might be ii) Bottom-Up.  These approaches refers to the actual organizational structure, the Architecture Domains(e.g. Business, Application, Technology) and the Opportunity hierarchy.

Sometimes a iii) Middle-Out network like approach can assist in covering the bases.  Some Architects might even find this approach also called Pigeoning preferable at Startup or when trying to find context.

Perspective should be kept iro of Inside-Out View oppose to Outside-In view.

During reflection an opinion should also be formed on the planning horizons for the Architecture deliverable.


Architecture deliverables like so many other things can be chunk into pieces for better/improved delivery.  Formulate opinions on Timeboxes and the iterations thereof.


Any early Options to consider.  Be wary to discount options at this stage, but also be mindful to frame early on.

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