Components of an Architecture

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Components of an Architecture

Section outlines the basis of Architecture and how it is arranged using the following topics:

    1. Introduction
    2. Enterprise Architecture
    3. Domain Architecture
    4. Solution Architecture
    5. Sum of the Parts

"The architecture of a system generally refers to the structural description of the set of elements that comprise that system and the contextual relationships between them. The word 'architecture' can have a range of meanings and objectives and tends to vary dependent on the context in which the term is used. For example, a software architecture typically describes the components that comprise a software application and how they interrelate.

The US government Federal Chief Information Officer (CIO) Council (200 I) has defined an enterprise architecture (EA) as a strategic information asset base, which defines the business, the information necessary to run the business, the technologies necessary to support the business operations, and the transitional processes necessary for implementing new technologies in response to the changing needs of the business.

An EA is a high-level architecture or meta-architecture that comprises an organisation's iinformation technology (IT) systems (hardware and software), their relationships, and the related processes, functions, groups and people. From a functional perspective, an EA explains how all the IT elements work together as a whole along with the groups and the people of the organisation. For example, a specific car model would have the equivalent of an EA that explains how all the mechanical and electrical components of the car interface with each other as well as with the driver, passengers, roads and other vehicles to enable the vehicle to accomplish its processes, for example, of being driven and performing as it should." (Jillian M. Morganwalp and Andrew P. Sage)

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