Capability Development

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Capability Development Report

1. Information about the Deliverable



Date Last Reviewed:

6 August 2007


Document justifying one or more capabilities to be developed. Typically this is a justification note, presentation or business case to motivate why a certain capability should be developed.  

Many times especially during the early stages this might be a skeleton presentation. This deliverable actually describes the essence

of the capability required.

Deliverable Type:




2. How to construct the deliverable using the eaMindShare CE approach


High level Action

A. Engagement

As part of the normal architecture work, identify capabilities to be developed/acquired

B. Calibration


C. Discovery

Comparitive Research

D. Envisioning

Once identified described in sufficient detail to motivate why they should be developed/acquired

E. Validation

Follow through and get closure (sufficient Business Buy-in)

F. Realisation

Determine how it will be tracked for success and merged into normal operational activities.

3.  Template/s & Samples




Export Views

Map View

Template/s are disabled for eaMindShare Community Edition due to document sizes.  Rather use  eaMindShare Professional  Edition  and/or eaMindShare Workgroup Edition if you want to access the templates.

Ideally export and further refine in:

4. Additional Information

1. Short synopsis describing the Capability required

2. Diagram depicting the desired capability

3. Reasoning around Costing, implications and the reasons for having this capability

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