Basic Orientation

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Method followed

By using normal consulting engagements skills the Architect must endeavors to find information on:

    1. Who is this for?

Attempt to pin it to a person/group/initiative.  Best case the name of a person.  Worst case the name of a Group or organizational construct.  In the case of the latter complexities & task duration significantly increases due to the fact that most steps requires multi ownership consensus building.  Advice is to always drive at one or two names even if it is achieved via a large Programme.

    1. What is required?

Ascertain in broad brush terms what is required.  Form an opinion on one to three key Architectural deliverables.  In the event that the deliverable is less specific, e.g. “we want an architecture…” translate into discrete specifiable Architecture deliverables.

    1. When is this needed by?

Determine high level delivery times.  In the event of major events granularity of quarters would do.  Be specific around major milestones.

    1. Where does it fit?

Attempt to orientate the request iro of known frameworks or organizational boundaries, i.e Can the Request be fitted/bordered by organizational lines, functional lines or existing frameworks.  Th intent is to get a broad brush handle on the boundaries.

    1. How will it be done?

Form a high level opinion on how this will be achieved.  One architect, multiple architects, a Design Group etc.

If the Architect is lucky this information may be readilly available, if not the techniques suggested must be followed to drive out the required information.  Practically it may take the form of one or more calls, one or more interviews or a engagement meeting of some sort.

Control Information





> 80% of information is known.  

Example: Of the 5 key questions, let us say the only information ascertained is 1) Who is this for and 2) What is required.  Therefore CSF is (2 ÷ 5) *100 = 50%.  Ideally do not proceed if CSF does not exceed 80%


Note or document with recorded evidence.  Ideally this information is entered into a Architecture Administration system

Do not make a meal of this.  Get to the point who is this for, what is required and by when.  

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