B.Calibration Phase

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Calibration is about ensuring the approach & deliverables is validated to dictate a more precise best practices approach.

When should this Phase be Done

Always following a Engagement Phase.   Phase can be repeated at will during the lifecycle of any initative.  Might be in the Architect's interest to repeat this step whenever scope creep is detected or after a fire-break in a project.

What will signify the end of this Phase

A reasonable understanding of the approach required based on the initial requirements gathered.  Formally, it will be after crystalising a reasonable approach of how to go about going forward.  Typically this will be embedded in a Game-Plan of some sort.

What is involved in this Phase

The reader must not be confused by the fact that a methodology calls for an approach to be formulated.  Though the methodology is itself a set sequence of steps, this phase is about the optimum sequencing, the depth etc.

Typical Inputs

Statement of Architecture work required.

Typical Outputs

Best Practice (Best in Industry)

Good Practice (Best in class)

Acceptable Practice (Minimum)

Game Plan (My Approach)

Game Plan (My Approach)

Understanding of approach required

Stakeholder Classification Table

Calibration Indices

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