Architecture Processes

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eaMindShare 2011

Section 3

Architecture Processes

The purpose of this section is to list and explain all the Architecture Processes described by eaMindShare.  This should provide the reader with a classification structure of the major processes, the processes itself and some supplementary information.  Content is medium technical with acceptance that the reader is very familiar with the creation and maintenance of Architecture.  Processes are grouped into major categories as outlined below.

Contents of this section

       3.1 Assure and Review

       3.2 Design

       3.3 Direction

       3.4 Develop new Architecture

       3.5 Governance

       3.6 Positioning & Alignment

       3.7 Maintain existing Architecture

Each process is described using the following credentials.

Processes are arranged in broad subject areas for convenience.  Each process is then further described iro its specific Architecture deliverables.  It is envisaged that later releases describe exact sub-activities(steps) for each process.  Furthermore that these also highlight the specific touch points within the methodology instead of just flowing over it.

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