Architecture Diagrams & Models

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eaMindShare 2011

Section 5

Architecture Diagrams & Models

The purpose of this section is to outline the various Architecture diagrams and Models.  Diagrams not only reflect style but also notational and structural integrity that must be adhered to.  

From the point of eaMindShare, Architecture Diagrams and Models are just types of an Architecture Deliverables.  Therefore, some Architecture Deliverables (diagram or blueprinting types) highlighted in the previous section will refer to this section for subsequent detailing.

Contents of this section

       5.1 eaMindShare Diagrams primarily used for overall Enterprise/Solution Architecture and specification

       5.2 UML Diagrams primarily used for System design and specification

       5.3 UML Models explaining how to make use use of UML diagrams

Each eaMindShare diagram is described using the following credentials.

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