A.Engagement Phase

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This phase is to consider what is required by whom and what it entails.  Whether self initiated or acting on a request from somebody else the Architect must determine the scope of work, what is exactly required from the Architect and what will ultimately needs to be delivered.  Ideally use this phase to drive a discovery map for understanding what you letting yourself into and crystalise the work requirements... not the content.  This phase is also about orientation and setting the stage for subsequent architectural analysis.

When should this Phase be Done

Ideally whenever a new Architecture piece of work is initiated.  Formally, this phase is triggered by a request for Architectural work. Idea is to form an opinion on what is required and what will be contracted for.  This phase should not be long, really hours oppose to days.  If the delivery unit whithin which the Architect finds itself is a project then ideally this needs to be aligned with the Project Statement of Work or Project definition report.  However, if it falls outside a project the architect must endeavor to crystalise what the architect will do in a concise clear way.   This phase can be repeated as many times as is required to refine whenever scope creep is detected or new pieces of work enter the fray.

What will signify the end of this Phase

A reasonable understanding of what needs to be done, a written commitment and a realistic understanding of the approach intended.  Orientation and briefly understanding some of the key implications will be a bonus.  By implication it also means mutual commitment and agreement by whoever you do it for that this is the piece of work to be done.  Best results

What is involved in this Phase

Architecture work lends itself to be nebulous and non tangible.  Do not fall in that trap by allowing the architecture units of work to be vague.  There is nothing wrong with working with content that is woolly, in fact 9 out of 10 times that is the space for an architect.  However there is everything wrong by not making the engagement explicit.  In the case where the requestor is vague and is himself/herself not really sure follow the substeps of this phase to crystalise what is required.

Typical Inputs

Request for Architectural Work which usually take the form of:

i) Request for Architecture assistance...  Can you please help me...

ii) Trigger for Architecture Maintenance.... We need to review the  Work management Architecture

iii) New Project/Programme.... please create the solution architecture

iv) Ad-Hoc.... please give me a view on...

v) CxO Intervention .... I want this now

Typical Outputs

Best Practice (Best in Industry)

Good Practice (Best in class)

Acceptable Practice (Minimum)

Discovery Map/s

Discovery Map

Jobcard like note describing what work will be done

Architecture Proposal Note which usually take the form of:

i) Statement of Architecture Work,

ii) Letter of Intent,

iii) Letter of Understanding

iv) Terms of Reference

Succinct statement of work

Completed Checklist

Qualification Indices


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